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Brain Brief Profile - How does your brain focus, decide, and drive?

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SEI Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®) is provided by Six Seconds
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Brain Brief Profile - Introduction

15+ years of research on emotional intelligence, the BBP provides a simple, practical summary of how a person’s style for using emotional intelligence — i.e, integrating thinking+feeling to make good decisions to drive positive results.

The Brain Brief Profile (BBP) is a one-page synthesis of the way a person’s brain processes emotional and cognitive data.

The BBP is based on three dimensions of EQ:

  • Focus: Do you prefer data that is analytical or emotional?
  • Decisions: Do you tend to protect or innovate?
  • Drive: Are you usually motivated by the practical or the idealistic?

These three scales create eight brain profiles:

  1. Scientist: Accurate, Careful, Precise.
  2. Visionary: Passionate, Transformative, Forward-thinking.
  3. Inventor: Analytical, Creative, Open.
  4. Guardian: Caring, Careful, Pragmatic.
  5. Strategist: Precise, Careful, Future-oriented. 
  6. Energizer: Committed, Creative, Real-world.
  7. Deliverer: Task-oriented, Generative, Practical.
  8. Sage: Caring, Protective, Long-term focus.