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The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessments (SEI™) are effective measures that help people develop and apply emotional intelligence professionally and personally. The SEI suite includes a self-assessment (with several reports), a 360, and a Youth version.

The Youth Version provides a clear “emotional intelligence snapshot” of youth ages 8-18 – showing how the Six Seconds’ EQ competencies link to important life outcomes predicted by the tool (Good Health, Relationship Quality, Life Satisfaction, Personal Achievement, Self-Efficacy).

The report shows the Barometers, EQ skills, and how the two intersect.

SEI AssessmentTools 

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Emotional Intelligence


SEI-ADULT online self-assessment for adults has been extensively tested and normed in multiple languages. There is a range of reports for different needs:

SR :: the Strengths Report provides a quick entry to the subject focusing on three top strengths and how to leverage them.

DR :: the Development Report drills into all eight competencies with detailed suggestions to foster growth and change for a wide range of audiences.

LR :: the Leadership Report links EQ skills to important outcomes for those in a management role.

GR :: a Group Report offers a snapshot of the mix of competencies in a team or unit.

CGR :: the Comparison Group Report delivers a simple and statistically meaningful analysis of pre/post or group/ group comparisons.

The SEI and selected reports are available in English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, and French.


Emotional Intelligence means being smarter with feelings.  It’s about putting together the rational and emotional data so you can move forward effectively. 

According to Daniel Goleman, one key benefit is that “emotional intelligence can help people make better decisions.” This increased effectiveness is invaluable for business, essential for education, and transformational for personal life.