Emotional Intelligence

Under this program, we do 1-2-1 coaching and EQ workshop for students, parents, teachers and corporate leaders and executives. According to research 80% of your success is attained by EQ and 20% with IQ.

Personal Coaching

Under this program, I will help you in achieving a specific personal or professional goal.​​

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you  available online?

Yes, coaching sessions are available online as well as face to face. 

What are the tools used for online coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions are conducted through Skype or Zoom.

Can I schedule calls based on my availability?

Yes. Please remember you must tell  24-hour in advance before rescheduling your appointment. 

What is the session fees?

Session fees and package details will be mailed to you once you choose your program.

Restart your career

Under this 6 weeks group coaching program, we will help you in restarting your career and boosting your confidence.

Come along and discover yourself!